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General Dentistry Case Studies

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Case 1 - Implant Crown to address discoloured tooth

This patient was concerned with the discolouration of their upper right front tooth. An x-ray revealed that the root was resorbing (shrinking away). The tooth was removed and restored with an implant supported crown.

General-1-Before.jpg General-1-After.jpg

Case 2 - Crowns

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of their upper front teeth which had fillings that were failing and had a failing root filling in their upper left lateral incisor.

Diagnostic moulds were taken and a wax mock up of the proposed teeth shape was constructed.

The upper lateral was re-root treated and the teeth were restored with Emax crowns.

General-2-Before.jpg General-2-After.jpg

Case 3 - Coloured Filling

A simple tooth-coloured filling.

General-3-Before.jpg General-3-After.jpg

Case 4 - Implant-supported Bridge

This patient’s x-rays revealed they had a failing upper left front crown and failing bridge on the upper left canine.


The teeth were removed, and a temporary denture placed while the sites healed.


The space was then restored with an implant supported bridge.

General-4-3.jpg General-4-4.jpg

Case 5 - Crown and Veneer Restoration

This patient attended with a broken, root filled tooth, failing veneers and was unhappy that their upper front teeth appeared out of alignment.

General-5-1.jpg General-5-2.jpg

The broken tooth was removed, teeth were root filled as required and temporary restorations provided while the mouth healed. Once stable, the teeth were restored with Emax restorations, a combination of a bridge, crowns and a veneer. The failing amalgam fillings were also replaced with tooth coloured fillings.

General-5-3.jpg General-5-4.jpg


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