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Good Smiles Dental is proud to offer specialist Orthodontic services by Emily Hall.

Emily is a Specialist Orthodontist and as such has done 4 years intensive post-graduate training and only undertakes brace treatment. She has treated over a 1000 patients, many of whom have needed extremely complex care. This means that you can be confident you are in experienced and caring hands. 

Here at Goodsmiles we believe you deserve the best smile possible. 



What is Orthodontics?

This is the movement of teeth in order to straighten them, improve the appearance, function and the bite (occlusion) 
The treatment involves the use of braces, which may be fixed or removable.

What braces do we offer?

Removable braces


Invisalign® braces are removable braces that are completely clear, making them almost invisible. Because they can be removed they give you complete freedom over what you eat and drink during your treatment and, as they are barely noticeable, they can give you confidence in your smile during your brace treatment. They are easily cleaned and are quite comfortable.

Fixed braces

Conventional fixed braces

Conventional fixed braces are made from stainless steel: they give excellent control of the position of your teeth and can be used to treat almost any type of bite. We can put any colour you would like onto the brace, or leave them silver if you prefer.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are normal fixed braces, and so they can be used to treat almost any type of bite. However they are designed to blend with the colour of your teeth, making them significantly less noticeable. They are durable and will allow you to smile with confidence throughout your brace treatment.

Invisible fixed braces

Incognito braces are made from gold and are fixed onto the inside of your teeth, making them truly invisible when you smile, giving you confidence that no one will know you have braces.

What does it involve?

This depends upon the type of problem that you have. Initially an assessment will be made of the teeth, and any x-rays deemed necessary will be taken. Should you decide to proceed with treatment photographs of your face and teeth will be taken, together with moulds of the teeth so that plaster models can be made. The treatment may be carried out using fixed, removable, or functional braces, sometimes in combination.

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